The blind can see with USB

Neural Compute Stick Essentially, it means a device with the Fathom plugged into it can react cognitively or intelligently, based on the things it sees with its camera or data it processes from another source. A device using it can make its own decisions depending on its programming. The key point is it can do this all natively—right […]

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Training your replacement

Even if you don’t know it yet Fox-Hartin knew, tacitly at least, that being replaced by a robot was a looming possibility. But somehow, when he had long conversations with GoButler engineers about natural language processing technology, their work didn’t seem like an immediate threat to his job.  

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Goodbye truck stop

Goodbye trucker cap : A convoy of self-driving trucks recently drove across Europe and arrived at the Port of Rotterdam. No technology will automate away more jobs — or drive more economic efficiency — than the driverless truck

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